Biodynamic Agriculture Training Programme

Some of our students like our Biodynamic Agriculture Training programme because they learn all the practical aspects such as soil fertility, how to produce better crops and healthier herds, and how to support greater diversity and balanced ecosystems. Others like it because the land-based training encourages personal growth and a deeper connection with nature through Reflective Practice. [read more]

No matter which aspect appeals to you, it's a big commitment. You have to devote yourself mind body and soul to your 2 or 3 years on-farm training, but you will be rewarded with deeper knowledge about a sustainable agronomic system and a whole lot more. We are accepting applications now for a limited number of students for the 2019 intake (our training farms are based in W Cape). Email for a Prospectus.

What some of our students say about the programme:

" Organic and biodynamic farming is more than farming, it is a way of life that awakens you and your senses" Ceferino
"This training has inspired ongoing learning experience and research opportunities" Mzothule
"I have learned new ways of living without chemicals and pesticides" Mandla
"This course inspired me to work not only my head but also from my heart and experience my work practice wholeheartedly Mondli
"Organic and biodynamic agriculture is the only way forward for me. Everything I do is linked to this practice. My eyes were opened during this course and I can't go back to previous practices" Jackie van der Poll
"Organic and biodynamic farmers are our new heroes for the future. They take full responsibility for the earth." Ansune.