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Membership is open to any individual who is interested in practicing and/or supporting

the practice of biodynamic farming.


A series of 8 lectures by Rudolf Steiner, captured in a book called The Agricultural Course, formed the foundation from where biodynamic agriculture was developed. This development is ongoing – truly "Farming for the Future".

Free Range Cow

Join one of our facilitated workshops, open to everyone interested or look through our resources for the perfect book

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Biodynamic Agriculture's holistic approach to agroecological and organic
agriculture is to build a FARM ORGANISM in which all the elements
of the farm are interconnected thus creating a unique and
farm individuality.

BDAASA holds Demeter as the benchmark for biodynamic agriculture. Demeter is the international trademark for certified biodynamic production.

BDAASA strives to strengthen, promote and advance the practice of biodynamic agriculture in Southern Africa