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 Demeter Certification

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Third party Demeter Certification


Demeter certification is a regular inspection and review process according to the International Demeter Biodynamic Standard   ( which is carried out by a local Demeter accredited certification officer.  


In order to be certified by Demeter the farm must first be certified organic by a Demeter recognised organic certification organisation.


The first step to Demeter certification is to enter a conversion period. 

If the farm has already been fully certified to organic standards for at least three years, conversion to Demeter usually takes a year.  If the farm is starting without organic certification this usually this takes three years.


A conversion plan is developed with a Demeter recognized advisor ( who will help with the conversion


Demeter Certified Farms in South Africa


Reyneke Wines

Stellenbosch Western Cape

Demeter since 2010


Bloublommetjieskloof Farm

Wellington Western Cape

Demeter since 2005


Wupperthal Original Rooibos Cooperative

Wupperthal Cederberg

Demeter since 2018

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