Sun, 29 May



Biodynamic Prep Making Workshop CPT

The preparations are the very heart of Biodynamic Agriculture, increasing soil life, healing the earth and providing food that supports the spiritual development of mankind. They are also obligatory for every Demeter-certified biodynamic farm.

 Biodynamic Prep Making Workshop  CPT

Time & Location

29 May, 06:00 – 18:05

Wellington, Olyvenbosch Rd, Wellington, South Africa

About the event

In these comprehensive hands-on workshops, we work with all the preparations. We will make Prep 500 by stuffing cow manure into cow horns and then burying them; we will lift Prep 501 horns, which contain ground quartz and have been buried in the earth for the summer. We will harvest the plants and animal organs for the compost Preps 502 to 507, prepare them in their different ways, and bury them.   The workshops include talks and discussions about both the science and magic behind the preparations, and how and why they work - along with a bring-and-share lunch.

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